Saturday, November 14, 2015

Love and New Media

Summer of Love @ the Chicago MCA, 2009.
A good friend of mine, E. Marie Robinson, sent me a missive she wrote when she met me in 2008:
Love and New Media: 2008.

I was surprised that I had been talking about this that far back, as my work with the Summer of Love project and Ghosts of Adak started in 2009, and the Cura Bodrum and Love at First Site projects were 2010.  The Kaleidoscope project was last year, I think (2014).

As I spend my 400 days (metaphorically) in the desert, I've been at a quandry in regard to my work as an artist and critic.  I can't really do the critical/activist work out here at all, and this has hobbled my work.  I'm planning on going back to my work regarding the conversations between my father and I on the Aleutian Island of Adak soon.  It's just that while I was a central player in a group called The Yes Men, graduate school and family pressures pushed me back, and I wonder how I can best serve society now.

Love. Especially given the events in Paris, what a concept, eh?

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