Thursday, December 3, 2015

Year-Long Project: "The Archive"

Being here in the UAE has presented some significant challenges in my work. The fact that I have assurances of free speech here at my University does not mean that a media activist like me can speak freely throughout the UAE has set me to framing my work in a certain way.  I am categorizing my work for the year as a series of projects titled "The Archive", which deals with critical issues of society, art, and communication in the Middle East, the UAE, and so on.  Here are some projects under way:

Songs for Muezza: Embedded Cat Scans.
There is an Islamic legend regarding the Prophet's favorite cat, Muezza. When we was going for morning prayer, he found that she had fallen asleep on his sleeve.  He loved her so much that he cut off his sleeve as not to wake her.

From this, I'm doing 3D scans of Sleeping cats and printing those through Shapeways. The first is beautiful, but the sandstone is too brittle for things like ladder back chairs.

Meshnet.UAE - Autonomous Kitty Cinema

Meshnet. UAEII - The Darkweb Novel

Songs for Muezza - Cat Scans


Digital Minimalism/Video

Multichannel projection (7up?)

Things of Internet - Shoecat (Internet Mutoscopes)

SSTV Video - Haram

SSTV Video - Visual Poetry I


The Masarabiya Project

Globalist Realism Paintings III - The Blimp I & II

Second Front @ The Wrong Biennial (Done)
                           Do it.
                           Rake's Progress

Arduino panorama widget

Land.Drone/Rover Project

Permanent Light  - Linear displays

Weather Music


Road Trips UAE/Cinema of the motor (drone/Road trips)

Anthropocene Tapesrty

AR Alaska

Slow Scan Video

For the moment, these are placeholders as the work expands.